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‘Child Sensitive’ Divorce and Custody Mediation

As you know, divorce is one of the most stressful life events that a person can experience.  This is true for both parents and children.  Loving parents may sometimes find it hard to focus on their children’s needs at the same time they’re addressing their own concerns.  But while a couple may no longer be wife and husband, they’ll always be a mom and dad.

We gently invite parents to talk about your hopes and expectations for your children and to collaborate on steps you can take to soften the impact of the separation on the kids.  We’ll work with you to develop a ‘parenting plan’ that will help the family make the transition from one home to two in a way that enables the kids to feel safe and loved.

We’re mediators, not therapists or coaches or financial planners.  But we’ve come up with a
Best Interests Toolkit that helps parents understand and respond to children’s concerns.

  1. We’ll lend you books and give you other research materials aimed at understanding children’s needs, fears, and expectations during and after the divorce.
  2. We’ll provide a list of websites whose functionality enables you to create your own ‘intranet dialogue’ on visitation and other details.
  3. We’ll provide a list of other professionals (attorneys, family therapists, child development specialists, coaches, financial advisors) who you may feel could be helpful in transitioning from one home to two.
We’re committed to helping you continue to be the good parents you already are.

"Thank you!  My struggle with IRS is over.  Your long experience and excellent judgment in mediation were precisely targeted and effective.  Your friendly demeanor made it easy to call upon you."
- Jim Martin, Retired Director, National Governors' Association