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We are now available to consult in areas such as conflict prevention in organizations, preparing clients for direct negotiation, and advising attorneys on getting results in mediations where we are not the mediators.

For instance, we recently prepared a client to negotiate with IRS; gave a seminar on handling workplace conflicts for a community job placement service; participated as a team member to negotiate the purchase of a small business; and strategized with a client who was mediating a divorce settlement with another mediator. We also worked with an attorney and his client to resolve a breach of contract matter.

Please call Carolyn Parr at 202-359-6141 for more information.

"I've known Carolyn through a spiritual community for about 20 years and have had the wisdom of her drive, insight, integrity, truth-speaking, humor and intelligence. When I was given the opportunity to buy a business with another acupuncturist I knew that engaging Carolyn's partnership could create a lot of ease and perspective with the complex dialogue, negotiations, power struggles, vision and contractual details. Her presence, deep listening and reflection did just that and served not only myself but everyone involved in the process. Now that I'm moving ahead with the business I have the confidence of knowing that I can always re-engage Carolyn if I need to and that gives me great comfort!"
- Gretchen