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Internal Revenue Service
Two international oil drilling companies
Ford Motor Company
The Carter Center
A national construction company
A regional airline
A national financial services company
National real estate holding companies
The founder of an international restaurant chain
A national food products company
Two top-5 accounting firms
Various individuals

United States Court of Appeals (D.C.)
Superior Court of the District of Columbia (Civil, Real Estate, Tax, Probate, Family)
State of Maryland District Courts
Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County (MD)

What Clients Say

"It's hard for me to think of anyone who would be better qualified to do conflict resolution!" 
Donald C. Alexander, former Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the very fair manner in which I was treated during the mediation. I really believe that had it not been for your guidance during the negotiating process it is likely that a settlement would not have been reached. Again, thank you." 
Mark F. Schultz, CEO, FaulknerUSA, Austin, Texas

"You were/are everything we wanted. Your experience and wisdom come through in a powerful way - powerful listening and powerful speaking. Thank you so." 
Terry Flood, Director Jubilee Jobs, Washington, D.C.

"Thank you!  My struggle with IRS is over.  Your long experience and excellent judgment in mediation were precisely targeted and effective.  Your friendly demeanor made it easy to call upon you." 
Jim Martin, Retired Director, National Governors' Association

"I first worked with Carolyn Parr over 20 years ago, and she has impressed me over all these years as being strong, decisive, fair, and smart, as well as having great 'people skills.'  It seems to me that these are just the qualities you want from an ADR neutral.  And, sure enough, those who have used her for ADR work tell me she is first rate." 
Phil West, Partner, Steptoe & Johnson

"Carolyn and Sig took a very professional, careful and humane approach to drafting our divorce settlement agreement. We appreciated their advice and their work and I recommend them without reservation." 

"I had an excellent experience working with Judge Parr under unusual circumstances. She is knowledgeable and approaches problems with unique solutions. She respected my opinions and provided invaluable advice in reaching a settlement agreement in my divorce case. While being professional, she was encouraging and kind. Thank you!" 

"We brought Sig and Carolyn a hopeless impasse and two parties not at all inclined to compromise. We couldn't even speak to each other. At the start I was honest and open about my utter lack of confidence in Sig and Carolyn or in the process. But they grasped the essential dynamic of our conflict pretty quickly, gained our trust with humor and understanding, and found more common ground than I thought we had. And unlike other facilitators we'd sought out for help in the past they kept the inspirational rhetoric to a minimum, focusing instead on the nuts and bolts of compromise. It was a ... miracle." 
Happily divorced in the District

"I've known Carolyn through a spiritual community for about 20 years and have had the wisdom of her drive, insight, integrity, truth-speaking, humor and intelligence. When I was given the opportunity to buy a business with another acupuncturist I knew that engaging Carolyn's partnership could create a lot of ease and perspective with the complex dialogue, negotiations, power struggles, vision and contractual details. Her presence, deep listening and reflection did just that and served not only myself but everyone involved in the process. Now that I'm moving ahead with the business I have the confidence of knowing that I can always re-engage Carolyn if I need to and that gives me great comfort!" 

"Judge Parr served as an arbitrator on a complex tax matter involving substantial dollars. She handled all pre-arbitration aspects of the matter in an experienced and professional manner, reflecting her experience on the bench. She was well prepared for the arbitration and handled the proceeding with decorum and respect for the parties. We were very pleased with her work on the case and would recommend her without hesitation." 
Mark Martin, Esq. Partner at Gardere, Wynne, Sewell, LLP

"I have had the opportunity to work with Carolyn Parr in person, in groups, and in organizational matters, both face to face and via emails and phone conversations. On target, well prepared, insightful, with a strong sense of boundaries that allow others to access her talent for analysis and wit." 
Tom Fiutak Professor, University of Minn. Law school

"Carolyn is easy to recommend. She is dedicated, caring, intelligent, motivated, responsible, enthusiastic, talented, creative, and a pleasure to work with. She initiates and follows through, imagines and implements. She is skillful in working with people and conflicts." 
Ken Cloke, President of Mediators Beyond Borders
(Ken Cloke is a leader in the field of Mediation and author of “Mediating Dangerously.”)

"Carolyn and Sig took a very professional, careful and humane approach to drafting our divorce settlement agreement. We appreciated their advice and their work and I recommend them without reservation."
- W.H.