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Websites for Parents Contemplating Divorce or Who Are Divorced offers an interactive calendar that shows activities at a glance: who is picking up and dropping off the children and for which parent and children should be attending an event.  Icons quickly identify the event.  Provides a means for parents to trade or forfeit days.  Also offers a message board providing parents the ability to communicate directly with any or all members of your family.  Another feature is the Information Bank that allows family members to share and access information about the family, like health insurance, financial information, family vitals and names of health providers.  An expense log permits parents to track their expense sharing and automatically calculate each parentís share of any expense based on its type and approval status.
Cost for EACH parent as follows:
  •  $55.00 for a six month subscription (approx. $9.17 per month)
  •  $99.00 for a one year subscription (approx. $8.25 per month)
  •  $179.00 for a two year subscription (approx $7.46 per month) helps divorced parents with joint custody and residential parenting schedules.  The calendar function provides family and parenting calendar, graphical view of parental visitation.  Has many of the links of but with links to low-cost, court-approved, online-parenting classes for separating, divorcing, and remarrying families in transition.
Per parent cost: 30 days free use of system; Monthly (per parent) = $9.95; Annually $99.50 with 2 free months. is a website for parents with PDAs who live some distance from their children.  It provides services to help a parent start using video calls to keep in touch with their children and other family members. provides calendar wizards to guide parents through school schedules, holidays and special occasions.  Also has at-a-glance color coding and calculator to determine how much time the children are with each parent. A free, confidential, and interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents.  This website provides parents tools to defend themselves against unnecessary hurt, turmoil, and expense.  Its main focus is protecting their children.  While it lacks interactivity features, it contains a range of information on how warring parents can provide safe, loving atmosphere for their children. calls itself the only divorce search engine and offers a multitude of articles, fora, and other informational features for parents in divorce or considering divorce.

"We brought Sig and Carolyn a hopeless impasse and two parties not at all inclined to compromise. We couldn't even speak to each other. At the start I was honest and open about my utter lack of confidence in Sig and Carolyn or in the process. But they grasped the essential dynamic of our conflict pretty quickly, gained our trust with humor and understanding, and found more common ground than I thought we had. And unlike other facilitators we'd sought out for help in the past they kept the inspirational rhetoric to a minimum, focusing instead on the nuts and bolts of compromise. It was a ... miracle."
- Happily divorced in the District