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Facilitation is an art and a skill. The facilitator has two jobs:

  • First, get meeting participants to achieve whatever goal they’ve set for themselves;
  • Next, keep the group intact. Not easy when participants often attend meetings with opposing views and unconstructive behavior.
Effective facilitators know how to size up the players and guide them on a trajectory that fulfills a meeting’s objectives and builds team cohesion. Finally the artful facilitator must avoid the temptation to inject his or her 'issues' into the mix. Sig Cohen regularly facilitates meetings that address fair housing issues and mediation sessions that seek to resolve child abuse and neglect matters so they won’t go to litigation. His facilitation skills were instrumental in establishing a religious congregation in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC. And he has conducted meetings concerned with health policy and local school reform.

Engaging meeting participants, sustaining energy, moving smoothly through the agenda, sticking to a time-frame, and getting buy-in (wherever possible) are hallmarks of Sig's facilitation style.

Please call Sig Cohen at 202-544-2448 for more information.

Sig Cohen

"We brought Sig and Carolyn a hopeless impasse and two parties not at all inclined to compromise. We couldn't even speak to each other. At the start I was honest and open about my utter lack of confidence in Sig and Carolyn or in the process. But they grasped the essential dynamic of our conflict pretty quickly, gained our trust with humor and understanding, and found more common ground than I thought we had. And unlike other facilitators we'd sought out for help in the past they kept the inspirational rhetoric to a minimum, focusing instead on the nuts and bolts of compromise. It was a ... miracle."
- Happily divorced in the District